Mindset, personal training port melbourneMindset, the cornerstone of any program

I’ll tell you now from the outset, any fitness or nutrition program is useless, unless you understand and can believe that the key to your progress lies within yourself. The most powerful tool at your disposal is sitting right between your ears. The brain but more importantly your mindset is critical to your success.

For you to achieve excellent results in the gym and also with your nutritional requirements you are going to need to get the right mindset that is going to allow you to push yourself further than you are used too and have the will power to remove those temptations/limitations and push past them.

For this to happen you must:


When you’re in a positive frame of mind, it’s a simple fact that you’re more productive, you feel great, your motivation is high and life feels good. In order to begin to establish this positive way of life, you need to alter, or re-frame, your thought process and patterns.

You control your thoughts, even if your circumstances may not be ideal or what you expected, the one thing you can do is control the way you think about them and then act around them.  Think positively, and take positive steps towards your goals


We can all too easily be influenced by the words of others. Too often, we allow the opinions of others to sway our goals.

Negativity can crush good intentions and sap positive intentions, so in the event of negative influences imposing themselves on you, you need to remember that these are your goals not those of others.
You’re responsible for yourself, your life is yours and only yours to live.

Screw what other people say, make the sacrifices that you need to do in order to succeed with your health and fitness goals.

What are you willing to sacrifice?

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