Alcohol is bad for fat loss

alcohol-fat loss

Avoid alcohol to stay lean and  improve overall health.

Alcohol, that evil stuff that tastes delicious when you’re drinking it but has you cursing its name and saying those famous words the next day “Never again”


Having a drink is not going to kill you, and if you do decide to have a drink, red wine is the best choice, though if you want to drop the extra body fat, removing alcohol from your diet is a good start.

What makes alcohol so bad for you?

Knowing how alcohol damages your body can help you stop if from damaging your body.  Alcohol contains 7 calories a gram, almost double that of carbs and protein.
When alcohol is consumed, all other metabolic processes in the body are put on hold until it’s metabolised.
Fat and carbohydrate burning are put on hold, as is tissue regeneration and protein synthesis. Alcohol is known to depress growth hormone production and increase levels of aromatase that turns testosterone to estrogen (that equals man boobs for you guys and a bigger bum for you girls)

What should I do then?

Don’t drink it,

But before you start moaning “oh, you have to have a life, you need to live a little”. Listen.

It is pet peeve of mine when people complain about shit they have control over. For example

  • alcohol – you don’t have to drink it, you will survive
  • food  – only one person puts the food in your mouth, don’t blame someone else
  • sleep – get plenty of it, unless you have toddlers, they can be real pains in the butt when it comes to sleep, you have my sympathy there, otherwise go to bed earlier
  • stress – if your job is stressful, find an relief outlet, learn to meditate, take a short nap, go for a walk

So first of all don’t complain about your body fat levels, lack of fitness and conditioning if you are still consuming alcohol.

If eliminating alcohol isn’t an option (it actually is, but anyway), choose red wine, but limit intake to one drink with meals a few days a week. As with any food, chronic intake is not encouraged because the body becomes less sensitive to it and may become intolerant.

For quick fat loss, or if you have a lot of body fat to lose, avoid all alcohol. Although, there are benefits to red wine, if you want to lose fat, you need to make all your calories count, so it is better to remove it.

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