Fat Loss – 2 quick tips

Time to get outside and meditate and start you fat loss

Meditate for fat loss

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Here a couple of quick tips to help reduce body fat and lose weight

1. Increase vitamin D levels

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with greater fat mass in all ages, races, and both genders. Raising vitamin D levels to the adequate range can lead to fat loss. During the winter and spring, surveys show that the vast majority of people develop vitamin D deficiency due to lack of sunlight

** Improve Vitamin D by taking a dedicated Vitamin D supplement

2. Reduce your stress levels

This is a big one! The effect of stress is often under-appreciated for its role on metabolism. Chronic stress is one of the most important issues to address if you’re not losing fat. When this becomes chronic it produces inflammation, which means the body will not work correctly any more. When everything is out of whack in the body, fat loss simply won’t happen.

** Reduce stress through meditation and getting adequate sleep

So when that sun is shining make sure you get outside and absorb some vitamin D and also do some meditation in the fresh air.

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