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Everybody starts somewhere

At Strenua Personal Training Port Melbourne we begin with an assessment. it is a chance for us to meet each potential trainee and discuss the what, the why, and the how. We will determine the starting point and get an idea of where we want to go and what you want to achieve.

It typically lasts an hour, is free of charge, and is split between discussion and basic movement assessment.  After the assessment we can begin to develop a plan, organize a training schedule, and begin start the training

Large Group Training


maximum of 15 individuals
subject to instructor approval
general fitness and specific goals
Diet assistance

Small Group Training


3 People maximum
Subject to instructor approval
Specific fitness and goals
Diet and outside training assistance

One on One Training


$65 per hour
One on one training
Goal orientated programming
Nutritional planning
External training assistance


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What we do

Foundation Programming

Every client goes through a foundation program when they start at Strenua. It provides both a base level of fitness and the ability to test a trainees current fitness benchmarks

Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning is a key element to any training program. Average Joe to athlete, everyone will have some aspect of strength and conditioning in their program prescription

Weight Loss

A side benefit to most training programs, weight loss however can be a driving motivation for many trainees. Strenua provides nutritional advice and plans to progress your weight loss faster, however we can only say and do so much, the application of this information is up to you. Listen to our advice and follow through with it.

About Us

Who we are

Strenua Personal Training Port Melbourne is a private training facility located inside the South Melbourne Lifesaving Club right on the beach in Port Melbourne, Victoria.

Strenua Personal Training Port Melbourne invites those who are looking and willing to put in the necessary effort and commitment to improve themselves and those around them.

Each trainee is held responsible to his or hers own standards to make sure they strive to improve those standards and go to levels that they didn’t think were previously possible.

Team Members

Nick Gibbs
Owner / Trainer

Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness / Personal Training
Advanced Nutrition Programming – Clean Health Institute
Boxing Fundamentals – Level 1 & 2 – Shape Up
TRX Suspension Trainer
Fascia – Optimising for movement performance
Kettlebell Instructor – Level 1- Ironedge


The Gym

Where the work gets done

Where the work gets done.

Our small private training studio is located inside the South Melbourne Life Saving Club on the beach in Port Melbourne, Victoria.

It is not the fanciest place going around but it serves it purpose. When you begin training with Strenua, you are expected to work hard and follow the advice that is given to you.

Everyone is held accountable.


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Strenua Personal Training Port Melbourne

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